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In 1972 Brian Dalrymple began a 28 year career with the Forensic Identification Services of the Ontario Provincial Police. His expertise in fingerprint and footwear identification, body examination, computer enhancement and all types of forensic photography were applied to homicides, frauds and major drug projects targeting organized crime.

In 1977 his research collaboration with Xerox Research Centre in the area of inherent luminescence culminated in the use of argon lasers to detect fingerprints and other evidence. As a result of his efforts, the Ontario Provincial Police became the first police agency in the world to be operational in this technology, which led to the development and widespread use of Forensic Light Sources, today a key component of Forensic Identification.

In 1990, after ten years of research and study, he applied computer enhancement technology to evidence images, once again placing the Ontario Provincial Police as Canadian leaders in forensic science.

In 1992, he was promoted to Manager of Forensic Identification Services.

In 1998 he was seconded to the Office of the Chief Coroner as Special Projects Consultant and retired in 1999, to pursue a consulting career.

Brian Dalrymple is the author of numerous publications and the recipient of several prestigious awards.

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