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Forensic Skills

Computer Enhancement
: Occasionally, conventional techniques fall short of providing images on which significant conclusions may be based. In many of these cases, sophisticated computer enhancement techniques can extend the forensic reach of the examiner and reveal crucial detail that the photographic process and analog techniques fail to deliver.
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Court Experience
: Expert evidence tendered by Brian Dalrymple including case, charge, court and evidence provided by Brian Dalrymple.
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Fingerprint Detection
: Brian Dalrymple brings extensive experience to the broad discipline of fingerprint science. Also see the first criminal fingerprint in the world detected by laser - detected, photographed and identified by Brian Dalrymple.
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Footwear Evidence
: Brian Dalrymple has provided crucial footwear evidence in a variety of investigations. This forensic support is provided in many ways.
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Forensic Light Source
: Brian Dalrymple is an international authority on the detection of evidence by light, in both the operational and instructional arenas.
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Internal Investigations
: We offer rapid, discrete and effective response to your emergent situations. Your exhibits and/or scene of occurrence will be examined for fingerprints and other physical evidence by leading edge technologies.
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Photography Evidence
: He has applied the most advanced photographic techniques to the recovery of vestigial and fragile evidence using state of art equipment, atypical filters and light sources.

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