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Dondero Award to Dalrymple
(Tion News August 1980)

The 1980 John A. Dondero Memorial Award was made to Brian E. Dalrymple of the Ontario Provincial Police, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, at the annual banquet of I. A. A. in Ottawa.

In making the award, Mrs. Marilyn D. Picard out-lined the purpose and criteria for the award, made in honor of her father, the late John A. Dondero. Mr. Dalrymple's achievements during the past year meet the requirements because of his continuing and ongoing research in the field of laser detection of latent prints. His nomination was made by Robert D. Olsen, Sr., and approved by the I. A. I. Board of Directors, as required in the original resolution.

Dalrymple was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1947. He is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and of the Basic Identification Course of the Ontario Police College. He joined the Ontario Provincial Police in 1971 as a Records Examiner, and a year later was transferred to the Ontario Provincial Police Forensic Identification Services as a Forensic Analyst trainee. Following a two-year training course, Mr. Dalrymple was promoted to Forensic Analyst. In 1979 he attended an Advanced Identification Course at the Canadian Police College, in Ottawa. He has also completed a Certification Course in Biological Photography.

Mr. Dalrymple has lectured frequently at identification conferences, the Canadian Bar Association and at the Canadian Police College.

He has been a pioneer in the field of laser detection of latent fingerprints, along with Dr. E. R. Manzel and J. M. Duff, a technique which is finding increasing use in larger departments. Mr. Dalrymple was the co-author of "Inherent Fingerprints Luminescence Detection by Laser", published in the Journal of Forensic Science, a modified version of whicb appeared in Identification News (May 1977). He is also the author of "Case Analysis of Fingerprints - Detection by Laser", puiblished in the Journal of Forensic Science in 1979. A manuscript for a book on laser technique is now in preparation.

I. A. I. salutes Mr. Dalrymple for his research into this field and for receiving this prestigious award.


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